Posted by: shadesofwhiteevents | October 26, 2010

Color Palette Picker

Having a difficult time deciding on your color scheme?  This color palette picker is a nifty way to experiment with different color combinations.  You choose the main color (or hit “random” for a surprise), your design theme (formal, understated, etc) the number of people, whether it’s inside or outside, the lighting, and an influence on the color scheme (such as garden).  It’s a terrific tool, and fun to play around with even if you already have your colors decided.  Go to to try it. 

Posted by: shadesofwhiteevents | June 12, 2010

DIY Birdcage Veil

Looking for a vintage look for your wedding? has a fantastic tutorial on making your own birdcage veil–an excellent option as opposed to spending the $60+ on buying one at your local wedding shop.

Posted by: shadesofwhiteevents | May 1, 2010

Our Afternoon Photo Shoot!

We met Louis from Tikko Weddings at Mason Park in Irvine the other day.  Louis’ easy-going personality made it easy to be comfortable having our portraits taken.  We spent over an hour together, and had a ball getting to know him and his business a little better.  Here’s a peek at some of our favorites from the day!

Posted by: shadesofwhiteevents | April 13, 2010

S’more Love


I noticed some super cute wedding favors on another wedding blog.  These are unique, eatable gifts for your guests to take home, as well as simple and easy to put together!

Posted by: shadesofwhiteevents | March 31, 2010

Mismatched Charm

Sometimes the allurement of a wedding isn’t about the formal set-just-so decor and tablescapes.  

It can just as easily be appealing when a table is laid out with mismatched china and linens, or decorated with a multitude of flowers of various types and colors stuck into just as many different tins and containers. 

Such a tablescape certainly gives off a homey, welcoming aura to the guests and wedding. 

But use your imagination to bring the welcoming feeling into the wedding, such as with the venue; a ceremony set in a rustic country church or barn or in the backyard of a family member gives that impression as well. 

Wedding attire can consist of cottony dresses for the bridesmaids and jeans or khaki pants for the groomsmen.  Vintage accessories can add unconventional, yet sophisticated, details.

While the glamorous, organized, and elaborate weddings are appealing and gorgeous, there’s definitely a certain charm to a more laid-back and mismatched celebration!

– Kristin Ruck 

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