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Wedding or Baby Shower Guestbook

Here’s yet another fabulous twist to the typical wedding book: a “wedding tree!”

It’s such a cute idea, and something that would be ideal for a baby shower as well–can’t you just picture it hanging up in the nursery? ūüôā

-Kristin Ruck

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Tikko Wedding Photographers

Last Friday we had the pleasure of meeting with Louis Trinh of  Tikko Weddings. With his friendly nature and  warm smile, we all became quick friends.

His wedding photography speaks for itself – beautiful images that capture the heart of every bride’s special day; from the nervous smiles right down to the often overlooked details that we know our brides spend countless hours agonizing over.

With¬†Tikko Weddings’¬†dependable service, powerful imagery and affordable packages, they aim to build long-term relationships with their¬†clients. We learned that Louis offers his¬†past clients the gift of a free anniversary shoot one year after he’s shot their wedding. How sweet is that? Many of Louis’ clients come back for baby and maternity pictures down the road too!¬† Need another reason why to love Tikko Weddings? They bring a stylist to engagement shoots to help their couples look their best!

We’re looking forward to our own photo¬†shoot with Louis in the weeks to come, so be sure to check back to see all of the gorgeous pictures!

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Featured Venue–Pelican Hill, Newport Beach

View of the Rotunda where ceremonies are often held.

We had the pleasure of meeting up with one of our brides, Leslie, at Pelican Hill, where she’s chosen to hold her wedding this September.¬†¬†¬†Such a gorgeous location¬†that gives way to a panoramic view of¬†the ocean!¬†¬†

The Italian-inspired architecture begs for a romantic wedding set under the majestic rotunda on the west lawn.  Pelican Hill offers more than beautiful views; there are countless possibilities for where to hold all of the important stages of your wedding.  With the neutral palate that the site has to offer, you can be rest assured that any color combinations will be striking against the backdrop of the classic rooms and sun-drenched landscapes.  

The beautiful ballroom where receptions are held.

We were wandering around the location for a couple of hours, trying to make sure that we had peaked in every bathroom and ballroom, strolled every lawn, and walked out on every balcony gazing at the gorgeous view.  

What we were most envious of was the luxurious bridal suite where Leslie will be relaxing and enjoying with her bridal party as she gets ready to marry the man that she loves.  This room will allow Leslie to take center stage for all of the memorable moments before her wedding.  

We can’t wait to return to Pelican Hill in September!¬†

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Photo table

A lovely way of adding nostalgic family history is to have a photo table at your reception.¬† An engagement picture of the two of you displayed in front of a grouping of your parents’ sepia-colored and grandparents’ black-and-white wedding pictures is an attractive way to help your and his family feel even more a part of the wedding.

The family pictures can also be the interesting background for your guest book or your engagement photo in a signature matte frame.

–Kristin Ruck

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Wedding Lingo – Getting Up to Speed

Now that you’re engaged and starting to plan your wedding, chances are that you’ve encountered a whole new world of lingo! As you browse wedding-oriented websites and message boards for advice and ideas, you’ll find that brides-to-be have their own special, and often confusing,¬†language. I know that when I first encountered the new popular wedding acronyms, my head was swimming. Here is a cheat sheet from Real Simple Weddings¬†to help you make sense of it all:¬†
BM: Best man, or bridesmaid
BP: Bridal party
DW: Destination wedding
FBIL: Future brother-in-law
FFIL: Future father-in-law
FG: Flower girl
FH: Future husband
FMIL: Future mother-in-law
FOB: Father of the bride
FOG: Father of the groom
FSIL: Future sister-in-law
GM: Groomsmen
GP: Grandparent
MOB: Mother of the bride
MOG: Mother of the groom
MOH: Maid of honor
OOTG: Out-of-town guests
RB: Ring bearer

TTYL!           -Ashlee Baskin

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